And We’re Off


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I signed up the day before yesterday.

I’m a writer and teacher by profession. In a former life, I was an attorney. More importantly, I’m a mom, wife, daughter, sister, yogini, and human.  I’m an introvert (I recharge my battery in alone time, not with people) and a skeptic by nature.

So what am I doing in direct sales? I don’t know. But I’m going to find out.

A friend of mine gently but firmly persuaded me to do this. She’s enthusiastic about the product, so, naturally, she’d want to share it with others. But she’s also in business, and I’m a bit of a people pleaser. But not a pushover, so I must be ready for something that pushes my limits–once again.

Regardless of the motivation or history, I’m here. And I’m ready. Sort of.

The next part of this adventure, besides attending my mentor’s product meeting and wading through a myriad of messages and information bits, is to get some of this stuff on my skin and watch the magic happen.

And I hope I transform–physically and psychically. It’s time for a change. I hope everyone can see it. I’ll post the before photo tomorrow–when the journey really begins.

Peace out, my friends. Go Ducks!

Until then…


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