In the Beginning…

For the record, I’ve never been a skincare person. I use whatever product. My mom used Ponds cold cream, so I slathered that on for years. Then, when the lines turned to ravines in my face, I started reading labels on skin care products in the beauty aisles of Target or the local drug store. I probably tried three or four anti-aging formulas with retinol, L’Oreal, Oil of Olay, Rock, and others I can’t recall.

My daughters recommended Lush products, which are all-natural and vegan, so I have been using a soap wash on my face with whatever is on sale for moisturizer. That’s probably why my skin is so damaged. My skin care regimen has been largely the I don’t care skin care regimen.

So, I went to the hydration celebration thingy at my mentor’s gorgeous home. I learned some more about the products and played guinea pig for one test strip that I stuck on my crow’s feet on the right side of my face. You’re supposed to leave it on all night, but I had it on for about two hours. At the end of the night, we took pictures to show the comparison from

At the end of the night, we took pictures to show the comparison from the right (with the strip) to the left side.

The left side crow’s feet                                              The right side crow’s feet after 2 hrs

Others at the party said they could see the difference. Can you?

I’m probably blinded by the up-close wreckage of my face to see anything. Like so many others, I’m sure I’m my worst critic.

These are pretty good photos for the before pictures of my journey. I started the Rodan and Fields Reverse product line two days ago. Note to self: read directions. lol. I guess you’re supposed to start with the four-step morning process–wash, toner, moisturizer, and sun screen–every other day, once a day. I did Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. I finally read the directions this morning after my mentor asked if I was doing the treatment every other day. Dead giveaway when I replied, “Why?”

And I tell my students that all the time–follow directions!

Curious to see the one-week comparison photos? Me too.



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