The Miracle Belief

Look, we’re all a mixture of hope and doubt, belief and cynicism. We’re all formulated with more or less of this double-sided coin. Some lean into skepticism with an especial relish, almost gleeful when predicted doom comes true. Others veer in the Pollyanna direction, glossing over every hint of darkness with light.

At different times, I’ve tilted one way or another toward those extremes. Heavy skepticism helped me lawyer but dampened my yoga lust. I think I ping and pong between hope and doubt.

So, I knew I’d post a two-week development today and had hope for a miracle. Look! See my forehead lines vanish right before your very eyes. But the inner critic said, “Unlikely.” My half-way between mind acknowledged, “Change takes time.”

The left-most photo is the beginning and the other two are today’s shots of two weeks using the Rodan and Fields products.

I note several observations from these side-by-side photos:

  1. Someone else took the first photo in different lighting, house light in the evening, and at a slightly different angle.
  2. The other two are selfies in the morning, one in bathroom lighting (far right) and the other in daylight-infused indoor lighting.
  3. The first photo face wears light foundation, while the other two faces are naked.
  4. Despite my mastery of Geometry in 10th grade, I can’t duplicate that first photo angle in a selfie 😦

Yep, I’ll get help with next week’s photo shoot.

I’m looking through cynical but patient eyes today (maybe it’s last night’s extra glass of pinot making me cranky). Do you see a difference?

I’ll confess that I cranked up the skincare routine this week. Too impatient to wait three whole weeks to use the Reverse regimen lightening system (for getting rid of age spots) morning and night, I added the Redefine regimen (for wrinkles) at night. Plus, I used the eye cream, lip serum, and roller (more on the roller in another post) to wage an out and out assault on the bag, sag, cracks, and ravines on the landscape I call my face.


The word ‘landscape’ comes to mind because the amp roller works like a rototill or plow for stirring up the ground and poking holes for seed planting. My mentor had to FaceTime me with a demonstration of its use, which amused and amazed me. It helped.

YouTube defeated me many times in the past, but I’m determined to conquer it so I can post a video of how to plow the land, or how to use the amp roller. Stay tuned.

Questions? Comments?


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