I’m the luckiest person in any room. I have the best family ever.

My three sisters and brother lead different lives. Two are married, two not. Two have children, two none. Two are Republicans, two Democrats. And we each lead distant lives within mere miles of one another.

But when the holidays and other important days of joy and sorrow, frivolity and seriousness, come around, they’re there. When I need them, they’re there. My family–immediate and extended–has helped me through the toughest time in my life. As have my friends. ¬†I am loved, and for that, I could wish for nothing more.

So, in typical family fashion, my sister, Trudy, was my first volunteer to go along on the skin care journey with me. She agreed to be a guinea pig–as did my husband and daughters a few days later.

While my husband, Pascal, is using the Soothe regimen for sensitive skin and my daughter, Jordyn, is using Unblemish for acne scars, Trudy is using Reverse Lightner (like me) to even out blotchiness on her face. As we age, we take along for the ride a few memories and seasons that embed in our faces–brown spots, freckles, and ruddiness.


One week ago, we sat down at the computer, plugged in her skin issues in the Rodan+Fields Find Your Formula, and decided the Reverse Lightener was the way to go. She started the next morning, per the directions, using the regimen (4 steps–wash, toner, treatment/moisturizer, and sunscreen/moisturizer) every other day.

After only one week, these were her results (no makeup).


These pictures were taken at the same day and time (night) in my bathroom, at approximately the same angle (No photography skills!)

Like all of us experimenting with this product, we certainly feel results. Our skin feels silkier, and we look brighter. No one is unrealistic about the time it takes to make significant changes. But this is a great start!

For me, the psychological results count most. I’m optimistic that my face will finally reflect how radiant I feel inside.


Thanks, Trudy. Sisters rule.


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