This is Jordyn. She’s my older daughter and, despite the look on her face in this picture, a willing participant in my skincare adventure and science experiment.



Her eyes express the cringe she’s experiencing inside, I’m sure. She has little faith in my photography skills–and for good reason.

Jordyn suffers from acne, or, at least, did. Her skin is much clearer now, but she has the scars to prove her high school outbreaks from several years back. Most people who see her now wouldn’t know it since she’s mastered the art of natural-looking makeup. Her face is naked here.

What is Beauty?

My firstborn has taught me a thing or two about beauty. She gathers a lot of hair, makeup, and cosmetic enhancement tips and ideas from social media and the net. In fact, the before and after picture on Instagram that began her quest for a non-invasive nose job led to her undergoing cosmetic “surgery.”

She’s 21. I was against this injectable, Juvederm, that she wanted under her skin to even out the line of her nose and make her “bump” disappear. Shouldn’t she be old before she starts with cosmetic surgery?

My judgments and prejudices kicked in immediately. “Why do you want to inject a foreign substance into your bloodstream?” I asked (I wanted to make it sound dangerous). She assured me it was safe, she was fine with it, and she wanted to do it.

So she did. I watched the procedure after interrogating the doctor with my concerns. Apparently, the stuff is made from a substance your body produces naturally. I was assured.

Some dozen or so needle pokes, a few thousands of dollars, and fifteen minutes later, her nose was transformed.

Her nose looked straighter. But more importantly, I could see instantly that she felt wonderful looking in the mirror. Her appearance was that much closer to what she wanted to see. And she was happy.

In that moment–in her approving smile at her reflection–she taught me something about beauty. It’s not only in the eyes of the beholder, but we’re all beholden to it. Who doesn’t want to feel it, see it, and be it?

No More Acne Scars, Please.


Jordyn just started the Rodan and Fields Unblemish regimen a week ago. I’ve taken before and after pictures, but, as usual, my angles and lighting are slightly off. Still, I can see changes already in her skin tone. The right one is the before.



The acne scars will take time to fade.  By then, my photos might improve too 🙂


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