I’m In


Today marks a day over four weeks since I’ve been using the Rodan and Fields Reverse skincare regimen and about two weeks since I added the Redefine regimen at night. So, I do Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night.

I also use the Enhancement products like the Active Hydration serum, the lip serum, Lash Boost, and the eye cream. Though I drank one glass of wine too many the night before this picture on the right and the bags under my eyes prove it, but my skin is so much better!



There’s more to go on the skincare front, but at least now I don’t cringe when I see a photo of me. I remember how it was a couple of years ago when I had to find an updated profile picture for my professional writing site. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My face looked so time-ravaged. That’s when I fully became aware of how awful my facial skin looked and made me feel.

I lost confidence. I’ve holed up for the last three years, not necessarily for my bad skin, but that didn’t help either. Now that I’ve forced myself (with the help of my business partner) to take care of myself, I’ve naturally evolved the urge to get out and talk to people, spread the good word, and share my story.

That’s not easy for someone who’s equally introvert and extrovert. The introvert gets overwhelmed while the extrovert keeps jabbering on. I mostly tell the story of and in my skin.

My face, like everyone’s, tells a story of where I’ve been. I’ve held my wrinkles out as the map of life on the soccer field or training circuit for running races.  The deep, pitted divots and creases signal painful anguish over the safety and successes of my children, the loss of my loved ones, and the possibility of failing people who entrusted their lives to me. But some of those deep ravines express loads of laughter and hard-earned wisdom.

Those disappearing lifelines strewn across a face once freckled and plump may not be legible to most people I meet–not even to those I know well.  Who really pays that close attention to my face, right?

I do.

We’re mostly invisible to others because we’re trapped inside minds and bodies that allow us to see only what our minds allow us. Mostly we see and hear our inner world, blind to much that surrounds us (or maybe that’s just me). Science tells us we don’t see reality as it truly exists (how can we know that if we don’t see reality as it exists?). I now see a face in the mirror that pleases me so much more, real or imagined. And that perception, that reaction of pleasure, has opened up possibilities.

We get opportunities, and we lose them.  The object is to grow the opportunities we dig up and those that get dropped in our laps more than we lose them. I’m not taking this progress of good skin, business opportunity, and expanded social networks for granted.

I’m all in.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and husband. Love is not a big enough word.




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