5 weeks

When Worlds Collide

Worlds collide, unimagined life pieces fit together, and the puzzle starts to look like the picture on the box. Now, I’m not a subscriber to everything happens for a reason, but I’m comfortable with neither absolute certainty nor complete possibility. Some would say that qualifies me as a wishy-washy relativist.  Maybe. Label me if you must.

Who would have thought I’d love skincare products and big (for me) parties? But I do.  The only reason that’s surprising is I’ve labeled myself as an introvert writer typecast.  Indeed, I’ve spent a long time performing that persona.

Big Parties

So big parties, which I measure as more than four people without dinner and wine as a pretext for being there, test me. I’m talking about socializing, talking to people randomly. Yes, I can do that, have many times, but it never fails that I’ll find myself several times during the event

  1. not knowing where to stand
  2. not knowing what to say
  3. feeling overwhelmed
  4. wanting to find the quiet place

But I enjoyed the big business launch at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. I finally got to meet people I’ve only known on Facebook or gatherings where music precluded conversation.

I also got to learn more about the products and how to educate others about them from my incredible team leader, Lisa. She amazes and amuses me–boundless energy, drive, and creativity.  The edge of admiration and envy teeters.

I get why she’s always pumped about this biz. The quick promotion this generous company allows fuels the fire in me to expand, to build a thriving business. I’ve caught the entrepreneurial spirit. I’m all grown up now.

Go Team! The Team is Me, and You and Me Make Three.

Ordinarily, I don’t like surprises. It’s a control thing. But I like that little bubble that pops at the surface of consciousness occasionally that says, “Hey, look at you having fun breaking out of your self-made chains!”

So hell yeah, I like when someone tells me my face looks great. I like when people love their own changing faces with lotions and potions I’ve shared. I like learning, team-building, overcoming fear, reaching, learning, teaching, and creating.

I especially treasure the opportunity to practice patience, open-heartedness, detachment (in a healthy way), and synthesizing all of what fulfills me, like writing and speaking about health, diet, exercise, technology, and beauty in all its incarnations. And all of this in one place, one occupation–for the first time.

Integrating all the pieces of the puzzle that are my life heals the splinters. How long can you live splintered with what you crave here, you love there, you need there, and you avoid somewhere else? We all crave the union and unity (Isn’t that why we still marry despite the seeming impossibility of that institution?).

Documenting the changes in my face concretizes the seismic internal shift emerging–slowly, immensely.  It helps me stop and take stock, like, “Hey, my face is here 5 weeks into this. What does everything else look like at 5 weeks?”

It’s a great doubling exercise–journaling the outside and inside to audit the match-up. So, without further ado, heeeeeeere’s my face after 5 weeks! Brought to you by the good doctors at Rodan and Fields.


Okay, so the face close-ups are not quite at the zen detached, non-judgmental stage yet. Getting closer, though. Better anyhow. The cringe is less visible, let’s just say. But that’s the price to pay for watching the transformation.

Come on now. Who wants to have this much fun watching their metamorphosis? I’ve bribed my family with product to take the plunge and be my living proof. Hit me up in the comments if you want to participate in “the experiment.”

You don’t have to do it here in public, so long as you send me your before and afters as you go.




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