Mangled Angles

Not the proof I was looking for, but I have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I’m not winning awards for my photography. This most difficult part of this excursion into skincare transformation is taking before and after pictures.




Jordyn’s acne scars are fading, though you can’t tell by my May 29 and June 25 comparison shots. The lighting and angles don’t tell the real life story. I see the drastic changes. So does she.



But I can tell you how you can tell. All photos on the left side were taken by me on May 29th. Just look in her eyes how thrilled (NOT!) she is for me to be taking these shots. Let’s just say she’s about 100 steps below enthusiastic.


But the photos on the right are Jordyn’s. She took them unsolicited by me. Her skin is clear and bright. She’s happy with the improvements. She tells me so almost daily. In fact, it’s a toss up these days as to whose face has changed the most.

Who cares? It’s all wonderful!

Happy Sunday! Though my stomach says “NO!!” to whatever I ate yesterday (bleh!), I’m happy with this beauty’s face first thing in the morning.


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