Trudy’s 5 weeks


Trudy’s been using Reverse Lightener to even her uneven skin tone, what she describes as blotchy skin. And you can see that the before picture to the left shows a red patch on her cheek. The photo on the right shows an evenness to her skin tone now.

Since she was overusing the Reverse Lightening treatment, the third step in the day and night regimen, she broke out on her forehead a week or so ago. So, she started on the Redefine regimen at night and the Reverse in the morning, which seems to have helped.

These photos don’t tell the true story. Her skin is transformed, smooth, bright, and even.

I’m so glad we have this time together.

My sisters and I are close but don’t get to see each other as often I’d like.  Since Trudy retired, she’s been the master of ceremonies, so to speak. She’s gathered sisters, sister-in-law, brother, nieces, cousins, brother-in-law, and friends to various activities, like a Beatles tribute/karaoke meet-up at a local tavern, a Billy Joel/Elton John monthly restaurant piano bar performance, and small playhouse productions.

And having this blogging excuse to have her come by for photos is one more reason to catch up, grab a hug, share a laugh or a painful moment watching our mother struggle to breathe here in a hospital bed next to my father’s bed in my backroom.

But she’s decided to go back to work a few days a week. Awww…the entertainment coordinator is returning to the grind. Will she still feel like coming out to play?

“How was it going back to work after retirement these past few months?” I asked her today as she posed for her week 5 ‘after’ photos. But I could guess what she’d say. I mean, who wants to work when you’ve had time off to do whatever you want?

She did say her hairdresser commented on how good her skin looked. That must have felt great. I like that. When someone beams about being noticed, I enjoy this journey into entrepreneurship that much more. Another pretty good part was my first paycheck today–a pleasant surprise.

Still, it’s about what works.

I’m trying to think about all the beauty products I’ve bought that make good on their promises. Let’s see. Longer lashes L’Oreal? Nah. Roq, L’Oreal, Oil of Olay, Lancome, Ponds cold cream, Lush soaps, and a host of anti-aging creams I’ve tried? Hell no!

Maybelline, Almay, Urban Decay, Cover Girl, Bare Naked, Yves St. Laurent, and others I don’t remember mascara…okay, yes, darker lashes for the day. I do love my shampoo and conditioner. I’ve used them for seven years without complaint. They do their job.

You want to know that the skin, hair, cosmetics, and any products you use and spend any money on, do what they say they’ll do. That’s my pet peeve. I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’ve bought tons of body products in my five-plus decades. When I look at my or my sister’s, daughter’s, and husband’s ‘before’ photos in this little experiment, I realize that none of our skincare products worked. My skin looked no better than if I’d used nothing at all. What would I do with all that money I poured down the drain? I can dream, can’t I?

These are our experiences. Others may have found the holy grail of skin care. Power to them. We all want to look our best.











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