She’s the oldest of us. Five and a half years separate us–she and me–but only two and change separate her and Trudy. Karen and Trudy grew up together, while my brother and I, who are two and half years apart, grew up together. Trudy and I are nearly four years apart, and seven years separate my brother and younger sister.

Though my childhood memories of my oldest sister recall mostly annoyance–hers for my brother and me as we ran around the dinner table or wrestled or created some disturbance or other–our adult relationship closed the gap. We’re just friends and sisters now.

Age does that: closes the chasm between a teenager and her rambunctious, irritating little sister. Who could blame her for wanting to eat her dinner in the bathroom to get some peace? I wanted to do the same when my kids were young. And they were MY kids. Just desserts, I guess.

Another Rider on the Skincare Train

I was thrilled when Karen agreed to join the journey–be another of my test subjects. Her two-week results are dramatic. I just saw her at my house yesterday, so I know the pictures don’t do her justice.

Karen’s using the Reverse regimen with the eye cream. In just fourteen days, her skin brightened. That’s the first thing I noticed when I saw her after a couple of weeks. Brightness and smooth skin appear first on every person I know who’s started one of the regimens. And only in a matter of a couple of weeks.

But the eye cream! So surprised to see the noticeable reduction in puffiness under her eyes. Though I also use the eye cream, the results are more subtle on me. My eyes don’t get puffy or dark underneath. I just like the way it feels on my skin.

A Reason to be Happy

Karen’s having a tough time now. Between health and job changes, among the other less than stellar byproducts of aging, like aches and pains growing on you like moss on a musty old tree trunk. I know she’s stressed, but her face actually looked less stress-ravaged.

I hope she can look at herself in the mirror and see past her own judging eyes and belittling perceptions that she, like each of us has, of the mirror’s reflection. If she can, she’ll see how lovely her skin looks in just two short weeks.

It won’t solve her problems that make wrinkles or baggy eyes pale in comparison. I know that. But perhaps a small smile of momentary delight?

Trudy and I are happy for her. Perhaps the healthy changes on the outside will percolate down to the inside. I wish it so.


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