This Stuff is a Miracle!


Jordyn said that to me the other day. “You know, mom, Rodan and Fields is kind of a miracle for me.” I get it. Her skin looks beautiful. When you’re a 21 year old woman with noticeable acne scars, yes, it’s a wonderful gift to see them slowly disappear, your skin look healthy and clear.

So I asked her, “Why aren’t you getting into the business too?”

“Oh, I’m not a salesperson.” She looked at me with that wince that I sometimes have inside me, like this pushes the boundaries of who I think I am.

She doesn’t realize that she already is a walking sale for the miracle.

This business is challenging. It requires getting over myself, all my limiting beliefs and fears about who I think I am and who I think others think I am–all speculation.

I went to a meditation retreat this past weekend, meditated for hours. There was no cell service, only trees, fellow devotees, and the lovely gentle old soul who spoke about truth, love, compassion, and service to others.

Taking time out of the world and my usual thoughts about “the way things are” resets my old, habitual, tedious thought patterns.

And when my daughter beams with the love of her new, emerging skin, we’re both open to new possibilities about “the way things are.”


Jordyn at 2.5 months on Rodan and Fields Unblemish


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