Everything Old is New Again



Day 2 of this week:

I came back to this product, the microdermabrasion paste, after first using it in a trial size packet along with a couple of capsules of lip serum and night hydrating serum. When my now sponsor first handed me this sample packet, dressed up pretty in a small paper bag brush stroked with soothing pastel mint greens and whispery pinks…

I instantly fell in love.

The paste left my face feeling clean and smooth, almost slick with sheen, and then the night hydrating serum…silk. That’s the only word that came to mind. None of the three items were greasy. I hate greasy.

Maybe because I never invested much in my facial products. Maybe I don’t get around much in the skincare world. I don’t know. But I loved these three items, especially the paste.

I’ve experienced a number of scrubs, ones I’ve picked up here and there, always knowing my face needed something more. Reps from various companies have crossed my social and familial paths, and I’m always happy to help another human make a living. But none touched me quite like this paste.

It goes on gritty yet gentle–hard to phrase it. You know it’s scraping off those dead skin layers, like 60-grit sandpaper would, yet it doesn’t scream your skin into submission, like some chemical peel (not that I’ve had the experience but I imagine it).

And it has a subtle scent, barely perceptible, which wins with me. I’m not big on scented products. I get nauseated smelling even lavender, which I love, all day long. I don’t like scent assaults. My nose thanks me for avoiding overpowering aromas.


And what’s more, the jar of paste is a bargain! You use the paste three times a week, replacing the exfoliating wash of your regimen (mine is Reverse in the morning). So you preserve your wash and your jar lasts for months–because a little dab will do you.

I went back to the paste earlier this week and relived the love at first sight I experienced over three months ago. It made me happy all over again that I’m loving my skin just like I’m loving my mind and body with Yoga and walking the dogs.

No one (especially me) has to tell you life is balance.

The first thing most people notice about their lives out of balance is diet. I’m no exception. I changed my diet to increase my energy, reducing carb intake and sticking to whole foods.  Then, exercise naturally follows. I, like most others, have focused on the body internally and externally.

I think we forget about our minds.

Who knew that caring for my face with a morning and night cleansing ritual, could be such a loving, mindful act? I didn’t.



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